I. Emotional Health Planning and Design 

Strategic plans to make your school, home, relationship or community a healthier environment.  We provide a system-based approach to anxiety, depression, and addiction. 

Our fundamental approach:

- Diagnose and treat culture, not solely the individual. 

- Engage through surveys, interviews, and community discussions.  Engage in public space. 

- Assess and strategize.  Experiment.  Gather both qualitative and quantitative data. 

- Root the plan in evolutionary psychology, anthropology, and design. 


II. Weather of the Mind Workshops  

The Weather of the Mind is the first book in the Urbanmonks Wisdom Curriculum. This book functions as a six-week course that helps the students learn how to observe the ebbs and flows of their emotions and learn how to respond in wise ways. 

The author and founder of the Urbanmonks Thinktank, Douglas Krisch, is excited to visit your school, workplace, or community organization to help you organize a special event to kickstart emotional health education, including a lecture and workshop.   

Let us bring proactive emotional health education to your community, school or work!


III. Mentoring services for individuals, couples, or families. 

The guiding mantra for our mentoring is that all is relationships.  We would focus on a) assessing the landscape of relationships in your life, b) assessing your self - your goals, your habits, your challenges, your strengths,  and finally c) developing strategies for a healthier trajectory, a healthier path.


IV. Emotional Health Curriculum Development.  

Age-specific strategies and material design for toddlers, children, teens, young adults, and adults.


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